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How to live a long & healthy life



The way we take care of our external body parts, like our hands, feet, eyes, face from any injury or any potential damage, our internal body organs like stomach, lungs, liver, Kidney etc are equally important. In fact they are most important in maintaining a long and healthy life. Acharya Vinod explains the functioning of these internal body parts is very severely affected by our wrong life style or by bad eating habits & excessive drinking. By wrong life style means, doing our daily chores against laws of nature. For example sleeping in day and working at night. Not doing any physical work. Negative thinking & worrying too much. Bad eating habits includes eating too much, Eating fast food, using too much oils, butter, ghee or milk products.


All our actions, life styles & inputs like food, air and water should be as pure as possible and as close to the laws of nature as far as possible.


As per Acharya Vinod in this context we shall brood over the food part first because remember, "YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT", since food becomes a PART OF OUR BODY AND MIND.   Yet, many people endanger their health and life by eating anything anywhere.


1. Take foods in their natural form as far as possible as any type of processing like boiling, heating, preserving or frying make it less useful for the sustenance of Life and a promoter of diseases and the aging process.


2. Take food which has been grown without using chemical manures and which has not been genetically altered.


3. Eat fresh food as far as possible.


4. Eat food which grows directly from the Sunlight, like plants. This usually results in lower levels of contaminants promoting the aging process.


5. Plant sources are better than animal sources, since they contain fewer contaminants and are better for a long & healthy life.


6. Processing of foods should be avoided as far as possible. The most valuable benefit of food is when it is raw. If processing is required, (due to viruses, bacteria, parasites or to improve digestion) – then cooking for a very short time in boiling water, is the safest way with the least damage.


7. Frying, roasting, microwaving, baking, etc., damages the structures of foods due to high temperatures and make them less beneficial. It also produces "broken" molecules which speed up our aging process.


8. Eat small amounts of food and divide it into 6-7 small portions a day. In this way, our body will digest and absorb food in a better way.


9. Do not mix inimical foods with each others. Like Radish with curd, Milk with lemon, Milk with fish or Ice-cream with hot tea or coffee etc.


10. Every meal should be balanced and contain minerals, fiber, proteins, oils, enzymes, water & vitamins etc.


11. Our food should have :- plant protein (whole grains and beans ), plant oils (whole grains, seeds, nuts and beans ), various nuts (Almonds, walnut, pistachio, Cashewnut etc), vitamins and minerals, yoghurt, milk and white cheese & preferably goat's milk.


12. We should drink a minimum of 7 to 12 glasses or more of good quality pure filtered water daily.


Which Foods we should avoid


1. All sorts of fast, processed foods, hamburgers, Chow-miens and meats (animals are too high on the food chain). Vegetables, fruits, produced on non-organic farms, margarines & shortenings etc.


2. Hydrogenated oils – are very dangerous because Hydrogenation is a chemical process which damages the molecular structure of oils and fats, forming many unnatural toxic chemicals harmful to health.


3. Deep-fried foods, ice cream, homogenized and skim milk, non-organic and non cold-pressed oils, chocolates, cakes, pastry & sweets which are made from refined sugars.


4. Soft drinks which are not based on natural juices and are highly- processed, artificial sweeteners, colours etc., should be avoided.


5. Avoid soy and soy-derived food products. They contain very harmful ingredients, which inhibit the food absorption, Disrupts hormonal balance, toxins disturbing the balance of neurons, proteins etc.


Which are the best containers to  Prepare and Keep Food


1. The best containers for keeping any food items are those made of high-quality glass and ceramics, which are lead-free. Some plastics and metals react with food and contaminate them.


2. For cooking purpose, it is best to use high-quality stainless steel pots or glass and ceramic pots which are lead-free or high-quality. Other metals like aluminum, silver, copper, lead, iron, zinc, etc. should be avoided, since they react with food.


Other main points to be kept in mind to maintain a healthy and long life :-


1. Get up early in the morning before sunrise and worship the GOD with complete faith & concentration.


2. Drink a lot of water in the morning. If water has been kept in a copper utensil overnight it is much better.


3. Clear your bowl & avoid constipation.


4. Clean both your teeth and tongue properly. Use of salt and turmeric with mustard oil is beneficial for teeth.


5. Go for morning walk. Take deep breaths and do pranayam exercises.


6. Take bath with cold water and also take sunlight daily for vitamin- D.


7. Massage your whole body with oil, if possible do it daily, otherwise do it weekly.


8. Avoid Milk and cereal in the breakfast and take fruit & fruit juices instead. Take sprouts, vegetables soup etc.


9. Have light meals in lunch time.


10. While taking any meals, chew it thoroughly. Do not take water during the meals. Drink water after one hour.


11. Eating food requires same amount of concentration as for other tasks. So do not see television, or read newspaper or talk unnecessarily etc.  Enjoy your meals fully.


12. Keep fast once a week and take only lemon and honey during the fast.


13. Dinner should be taken at least 2 hours before sleeping and sit down in Vajra-asan pose at least for 5-10 minutes after every meal.


14.  People of age more than 50 years should take cereals only once in a day. They should remain on fruits and milk other times. This will bring an immediate improvement in their health.


15. Massaging your feet with mustard oil, helps in a sound sleep.


16. Take vitamins and supplements right after meals. Distribute them evenly over 3 meals during the day.


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