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Rudraksha - Highly Spiritual Bead



Rudraksha literally means the tears of Lord Shiva. It is found in some parts of Asia like Indonesia, Java, Malaysia, India, Nepal, Srilanka and Andaman-Nicobar Islands.


For thousands of years, Saints, Kings and other people have been worshipping it and also using it in mala (Rosary) for worship and gaining health & treatment of various diseases.


As per spiritual scripture, as lord Vishnu is the most Superior among men, Sun is Superior among planets, Ganga river superior among rivers, Muni Kashyap among saints,  Uchhay Shrava  among horses, Lord Shiva among Gods and Gauri (Parvati) among Goddesses, similarly Rudraksha is the most superior among all on this earth.


As per Acharya Vinod the benefits of wearing  different Mukhi Rudraksha or its Mala (Rosary) –


# Rudraksha or its Mala removes the instability of mind, gives peace of mind, self confidence and self respect.


# Rudraksha improves our body resistance and helps in the control of blood pressure.


# One, who worship or wears a Rudraksha, is protected from evil souls, black magic, death spell etc.


#  It saves a person from unnatural or sudden death.


# Rudraksha mala purifies our heart and removes the lust, greed, anger and ego.


# Using Rudraksha Mala while chanting the mantra increases inner knowledge and spiritual powers


# One can be blessed with fulfilment of  his or her wishes by using a specific rudraksha bed and observing certain rules.


Acharya Vinod explains different Types of Rudraksha –


# Ek Mukhi rudraksha ( 1 face rudraksha)– It is an incarnation of lord Shiva and remover of greatest sins. A person who wears it becomes free of any worry and becomes fearless. He or she is not scared of enemy or other afflicting power.  Goddess Lakshmi stays permanently with one who wears and worship ek mukhi rudraksha.  Ek mukhi rudraksha is the best among all type of rudraksha, it is an incarmation of lord Shiva, fulfils all your wishes and liberates (Moksha) you. You can get all comforts of life with ek mukhi rudraksha and it can make a king out of pauper.  Ek mukhi rudraksha is capable of making possible any impossible thing, but it does not apply to normally available kaju dana (Cashew nut shape) ek mukhi rudraksha. 


Healing powers of ek mukhi rudraksha -  It should be worn for all types of  eye problems, migraine, heart troubles, stomach problems,  bones related problems.


# Do Mukhi Rudrakshas (2 face rudraksha) – It represents “Aradh-narishwar” form of Lord Shiva. Which is half Male and half female form. It symbolises “Fire” element. It increases the unity in relations. Helps in mental peace, vashikaran and concentration of mind.


Healing powers of do mukhi rudraksha – It is beneficial in curing heart, lungs, left eye and  mental problems.


# Teen Mukhi Rudraksha (3 face rudraksha)– It has the combined powers of Brahma, Vishnu and  Mahesh. It increases the confidence, courage and knowledge of the wearer and also very effective in removing the vaastu dosha of the place where it is kept.


Healing powers of  teen mukhi rudraksha – It is very helpful in all types of blood related problems, Diarrhoea, blood pressure, weakness, ulcer and wounds etc


# Char Mukhi Rudraksha ( 4 face rudraksha )– It represents the four face Lord Brahma and also symbolises four vedas.  It increases the power of concentration, which is an essential requirement of a student, businessman, scientist and an artist.  


Healing powers of  char mukhi rudraksha – It is very helpful in curing all types of  nervous system, gall bladder problems,  ear, nose and throat problems, Impotence,  Stammering, skin problem, Leukoderma,  instability of mind, paralysis etc. 


# Panch Mukhi Rudraksha (5 face rudraksha)-  A five face rudraksha represents Rudra (Lord Shiva) itself. It is considered as most holy and virtuous. It brings eminence and prosperity. Its use will bring mental peace, leaving of bad habits, mantra siddhi and control over lust.  


Healing powers of  Panch mukhi rudraksha – It is very helpful in curing diseases like overweight, stomach ulcer, excessive drinking, anaemia, jaundice, feeling giddy and the pain of  muscles.


# Chhay mukhi rudraksha (6 face rudraksha) – It represent the Lord Shiva’s sons. Shree Ganesh and Kartikay. Its use will bring love, comfort, music and creativity etc.

Healing powers of  chhay mukhi rudraksha – It is very helpful in curing all types of venereal diseases, kidney stones, impotence, urine or sperms related problems etc.


# Saat mukhi rudraksha  (7 face rudraksha) – It represents Lord Hanuman and Seven goddess. It also symbolises Saptrishi (seven sages). It brings popularity, wealth and  Invincibility to the user. It also protects the user from partial kaalsarp dosha in horoscope.


Healing powers of  “Saat mukhi rudraksha”- It is helpful in curing paralysis, weakness, stomach pains, cancer, bone related problems, mental problems, asthma, joint pains, deafness, tiredness etc.


# Aath mukhi rudraksha  (8 face rudraksha) – It represents the holy river Ganga, swami Kartikay, and Lord Ganesha . Its user is blessed with long life, knowledge, ridhi -sidhi and concentration of mind.


Healing powers of  “Aath mukhi rudraksha”- It is helpful in curing cataract, snake bite, mental peace, problem of feet, skin, lungs and venereal diseases.


# Naun mukhi rudraksha  (9 face rudraksha) – It represents the Lord Bhairav and nine powers (Shakti) of Goddess Durga. Its user is blessed with success, honour, wealth, safety, courage, and protection from vaastu Dosha.


Healing powers of  “Naun mukhi rudraksha”- It is helpful in curing lungs problems, fever, eyes pain, deafness, insomnia, infertility, stomach problem, body ache, accident etc.


# Dus mukhi rudraksha  ( 10 face rudraksha) – It represents the Lord Vishnu, Yamdev and Dus Mahavidya.   It appeases the negative influence of all planets. Its user is blessed with peace, happiness, unity and an overall success in life. 


Healing powers of  “Dus mukhi rudraksha”- It is helpful in curing cough & lungs problems, worry, listlessness & heart problems.


# Gyarah mukhi rudraksha  (11 face rudraksha) – It represents the Lord Rudra (Shiva) and considered to be very lucky. It carries the blessings of lord Indra, who is bestower of wealth and fame. Its user is blessed with a great progress in yoga and kundilini jagran and success in medical practice etc.


Healing powers of  “Gyarah mukhi rudraksha”- It is helpful in curing all types of women problems, nervous problems, Chronic diseases, low sperm rate & infertility.


# Barah mukhi rudraksha  ( 12 face rudraksha) – It represents Aditya (Sun). Its user is blessed with health, gains a lot of money & comforts of life. It protects from all types of accidents. He who wishes to have an emperor status must wear this rudraksha.


Healing powers of  “Barah mukhi rudraksha”- It is helpful in curing baldness, headache, eyes and heart problems, pain & fevers etc.


# Tairah mukhi rudraksha  (13 face rudraksha) – It represents Kamdev (God of love). Its user is blessed with vashikaran & aakarshan. It is capable to bless the user with all comforts and happiness of married life.


Healing powers of  “Tairah mukhi rudraksha”- It is helpful in curing kidney problems, impotence, urine related problems, leprosy, pregnancy problems, lack of sperms etc.


# Chaudah mukhi rudraksha  ( 14 face rudraksha) – It represents Lord Hanuman. Its user is protected from ghosts, black magic and other unnatural powers. It activates the sixth sense of the user.


Healing powers of  “ Chaudah mukhi rudraksha”- It is helpful in curing desperation, mental diseases, asthma, paralysis, flatulence,  deafness, cancer, memory loss, tiredness and feet problems.


# Gauri–Shankar Rudraksha -  Represents Lord Shiva and mother Parvati (Gauri) and user of this rudraksha is blessed by Lord Shiva & Gauri.    He or she is also blessed with the unity of family, spiritual knowledge, control over mind and senses, activation of kundilini and good understanding between husband and wife.


It is also used to remove the biggest hurdle in your life and in case of kaalsarp yog in your horoscope, one should immediately wear a combination of  8 mukhi,  9 mukhi and a Gauri shankar rudraksha to completely protect you from kaalsarp dosha.


# Shree Ganesh rudraksha -  It shows an amazing results in begetting a child or delay and hurdles in your marriage.  Its use blesses the person with education knowledge and all types of mental dissatisfactions. It removes all obstacles in the marriage of your son or daughter and all your difficult works are done.


It cures skin problems, hiccups, sex problems, snake bite, mental sickness, cancer and ill effects of tantric rituals.


How to wear or use rudraksha – Acharya Vinod says that Rudraksh of any mukhi can be worn on Monday, after attaching it red, white or black thread or Gold / silver chain.  Before wearing it one should wash it with milk and Ganga water and then worship it with the mantra “Om namo shivaye” at least 11 times or more.   If for some reason you cannot wear it, you can just keep it at the place of worship in your house or work place and worship it daily by using above mantra and lighting Dhoop or incense stick in front of it. You will start having its wonderful experience very soon.  For more details on Rudraksha and it benefits, you can consult Acharya Vinod through Free consultation form on all the three websites i..e., &