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Vashikaran - The art of Attraction

Vashikaran (Process to influence someone’s mind)


Vashikaran is a science that is blessed with the highly spiritual powers of Lord Krishna and Goddess Kali. As per Acharya Vinod ‘Vashikaran’ science has multi dimension modules that have proven effectiveness but these modules are high on depth and shouldn’t be practiced without proper supervision or guidance. Hence it is for the safety of the practitioner that he/she should be having proper knowledge about the science of ‘Vashikaran’ and about the results that are ought to come from the ritual. Vashikaran can be further divided into two separate blocks, Vashikaran through white sciences and the second is Vashikaran through black sciences, Acharya Vinod further describes the two in very simplified manner that the foremost is the safest way to influence somebody’s mind although the result generation is bit slow, on the other hand Vashikaran through Black Sciences generates immediate results but could posses negative aftermaths or side effects if not used properly.


Vashikaran Science is an ancient Indian science based on the concept of altering the brain waves of the individual in a way so that it sends positive indications to its brain. This power is inbuilt or can be transformed in individual through various highly spiritual methods. The best examples to prove the base of this science would be the concept of “First meeting attraction” or “Love at first sight” otherwise also in day today schedules when sometime we meet somebody for the first time but we tend to make a positive & impressive wavelength about he/she without knowing the real trait(s) in person. This is automatic Vashikaran on our minds by that individual. Acharya Vinod explains this Vashikaran is most of the time incidental but on the other hand there are ways by which this can be purposefully implanted in some one in order to gain his/her attraction. This could be best utilized in your work environment to gain attention of your immediate senior, in married life to prolong happiness and joy of life, in love relations and in case someone want to impress somebody for a specific purpose or otherwise. Most of the people misunderstand ‘Vashikaran’ by the concepts of hypnosis or mind control, but in real it has no relation with these concept(s) it is the art of ‘Attraction’.


Acharya Vinod further explains it with few real-time examples that how Vashikaran science helped individual to attain there respective goal. The first example is a real life incident that can happen in anybody’s life ‘Meg’ (name changed) was living in North Carolina along with her husband ‘John’ (name’s changed) and 8yr old son. They were living together in a small mansion and enjoying all the happiness that life has granted in the mode of health and wealth. One day the things somehow started turning unfavorable for this family as John joined a new company and his colleague ‘Martina’ (name’s changed) came into their life. Martina managed to attract John to the level that he planned to give divorce to Meg and decided to marry Martina. This shock was enough to shatter all the dreams and happiness of Meg’s life to ruins. Somehow Meg came into contact with Acharya Vinod thru the free consultation form on the website, discussed her problem and asked for a sincere advice on this critical situation. After understanding minutest details of her problem Acharya Vinod suggested her to undergo the highly spiritual process of Vashikaran on her husband ‘John’. Initially Meg was skeptical about the result orient ness of this process, but when she began the process as per the instruction and guidance of Acharya Vinod, things started moving positive in her direction; John started reuniting with his family and child. After only two weeks John was totally dedicated to his family same as earlier. After few days Martina also left that company and settled in another state with some other guy. This was a total miracle for Meg, who was on a verge of a shattered life, now everything seemed to be as good as before or may be better than before. In other words it was like a dream coming true, she is now living happily with her family with a new blessing in their family ‘a newborn baby girl’.     


The process of Vashikaran has three dimensions “Vashikaran Mantra”, “Vashikaran Tantra” and “Vashikaran Yantra”. Acharya Vinod explains that as this science is blessed with the powers of Lord Krishna and Goddess Kali hence it is very essential for the person using this process, to do everything under the guidance and supervision of the learned person. As Acharya Vinod says anybody and everybody are heart fully welcomed to take Free Consultation on this Vashikaran Process thru the “Free Consultation form” at, and 



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