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Yantra - The science of shapes



The word ‘Yantra’ literally means a machine. Acharya Vinod explains the way machines can do the work with full precision & minimum time unlike it is done through human manual efforts, the biggest job work in the world are successfully done by the machines similarly these ‘Yantra (s)’ are very helpful in getting the desired results of the ritual or worship with highest decree of accuracy and minimum time frame. Yantra ensure that the results should be achieved with minimum possible efforts. To run every machine there is a requirement of energy similarly for Yantra in order to get desired results from it one has to source the energy in the form of Sadhana (worship). The concept of ‘Yantra’ is very old and there for thousands of years, Yantra has there significance in highly spiritual Vedas, Shastras and many other ancient text/literature. In the modern era it is popular that these Yantras are part of the black science, which is incorrect they were and still are the integral part of the white or Vedic science.


In the process of Sadhana the Mantra generates enormous positive energies to the individual; with the help of Yantra one can stabilize those energies to have prolonging positive effect. In the ancient literature Yantra has been symbolized as the God itself, hence it becomes very crucial that this Yantra has to be prepared (energized) in a proper manner and all the related rituals. These Yantras have different type(s) and shapes, which have special hidden significance. The centre point of the Yantra is considered to be most important area. The Yantra are made on metal like copper, silver and gold as well as manually on ‘Bhojpatra’ by the ‘Ashtgandh’ ink through a pen made of pomegranate wood.  It is further clarified that each type has different result duration like –


1. Yantra made from gold and energized, generates result upto 100 years
2. Yantra made from silver and energized, generates result upto 25 years
3. Yantra made from copper and energized, generates result upto 10 years
4. Yantra made from ‘bhojpatra’ and energized, generates result upto 6 years


Achraya Vinod further explains that the selection of the Yantra for any sort of ritual, sadhana or otherwise should be done keeping in mind all the important details about the problem or target of the individual. One should take proper guidance and consultation before using any sort of Yantra or sometimes it could lead to malefic outcomes. Some of the standard Yantras that are available in the market are Shri Yantra, Kali Yantra, Shiva Yantra, Durga Yantra etc.You are most  welcome to take guidance from Acharya Vinod on this topic through Free consultation form on all the three websites i.e., and