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Devotion to almighty or Service to mankind

Which is greater ‘Devotion to almighty’ or ‘Service to mankind’…?


Acharya Vinod explains this phenomenon in a very interesting and easy to comprehend manner… both ‘Devotion to almighty’ and ‘Service to mankind’ are two different aspects in the spiritual world or spiritual language. Importantly one need to understand that both of them couldn’t be mutually exclusive as one has to balance both of them well to achieve the eternal truth or God. The spiritual path that lead the human to the almighty has different paraphrase or version in every religion or culture or society, but commonly they all have same view point on these aspect(s), that both of them together lead to almighty or ultimate solace; while practicing spirituality one has such experiences where he/she has to decide or have questions in mind that if at any point of time in the life span of individual a situation arises where one has to take decision among the two choices then what should be the ideal approach…?


Acharya Vinod says that it is really difficult to compare both these aspects as both are more or less equal and essential part of the spiritual path. So in no case we can judge the superiority of one on another, but somehow this question could be simplified a bit so that one can have a base to decide the priority or superiority of either of them, further importantly this is could just be a one of many perspective to the question/situation as there could be several other version(s) to it as well. Acharya Vinod narrates a small story to explain his thinking on the question - Which is greater ‘Devotion to almighty’ or ‘Service to mankind’…?

Long ago there was king who was very proud of his acquisitions and knowledge on several subjects including spirituality. He used to have a mindset that he knows answer to each and every question in this world; most of time this mindset was proved right as he answered accurately to the questions asked to him by other knowledgeable people and philosophers from around the world. This built an unbreakable aura of ego around him; he started to believe that no body can beat him on his knowledge and intelligence. One day he announced in his kingdom that who so ever would come up with such a question, which the king wouldn’t be able to answer would be rewarded heavily. This news spread like a fire in the kingdom, many people tried their luck but failed as they came up with most difficult questions on different subjects including philosophies of life, and spirituality etc. but king gave most justified and accurate answers to all their queries.


On the third day a saint came to the palace and asked this question to the king that for a human which one is greater ‘Devotion to almighty’ or ‘Service to mankind’…? The king became speechless this was the most difficult question he had ever come across in his life; he remained silent as he didn’t know the answer to this question. The Saint went away without taking the reward but this question shattered the ego and sense of proud of the king. The king started to devote his time in getting answer to this question, he traveled remotest parts of earth in the quest of getting answer to this question but all efforts went in vain. One day king went to an excursion in the deep forest, lost his way. The night fell king had a very difficult day without a single drop of water so he started looking for the water. In the dense forest he saw a small cottage, he went inside and saw the same saint doing meditation (prayer) to the God, the king fainted inside the cottage as he didn’t had a single drop of water since last several hours. The saint broke his meditation and served the king with water, the king became conscious again after drinking the water. After a while when king returned to normal state he asked apologies to the saint for disturbing the meditation (prayer).


The saint explained that there wasn’t any need to feel sorry as if the king would have had died without water then all the prayers & rituals performed by the saint in order to achieve the almighty had gone in vain. This was his duty to help the needy in whatever way he can, as true spirituality means service to the mankind which further means devotion to the almighty. So if I was helping you for a while, in true sense I was helping myself in order to achieve my goal. In Vedas and other highly spiritual books it is clearly mentioned that ‘service to the mankind’ is the right path to get true devotion and ‘Moksha’ the ultimate solace.


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