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Do not make your love - a story

The love story of Laila and Majnu is a real tragic tale of a young man called Qais from the Arabian countries.


Laila was a beautiful girl born in a rich family and Qais was a poet and belonged to the same tribe as Laila. They fell in love with each others. Qais composed great love poems dedicated to Laila and was always engrossed in her thoughts.


When he asked her parents for marriage, her father promptly refused him as he didn't want her daughter to marry below her status. And immediately they were banished from seeing each other. And soon after, Laila's parents married her off to a wealthy man and she went on to live in a big palace. 


Qais was heartbroken and fled the tribe wandering into the desert. He was sometimes seen singing the poetry to himself or writing Laila's name in the sand with a stick.


Laila was also heartbroken and she fell ill and died finally.  Later, Qais was also found dead near Laila's grave. He had carved three verses of poetry on a rock near her grave.

Even today, lovers swear by their name. It is their love affair that has made Laila and Majnu immortal in the history of great loves.


## It is hard to find such love these days. So if ever you love someone, try to love like these two did. In case your find yourself a failure in love, don’t worry. You can get the love of your life by using a great spiritual mantra.

Use quick acting SHABAR vashikaran mantra -

Note – Shabar mantras are quick acting long mantras written in rustic language. They bring an immediate result or fulfilment of your wishes. They were narrated by Guru Gorakhnath in ancient times to facilitate the common village people from chanting the difficult sanskrit mantras. The difference between two is that, In normal mantras we request the related deity to fulfil our wishes,  where as in Shabar Mantras we challenge the deity to do our work, other wise something bad will happen to him or her. These are logic defying mantras, which give amazing quick results.