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Whenever there is downfall of dharma, increase in misconduct and wicked people start troubling the general public, great men appear on this earth to reform and give direction to the society.  Guru Nanak was one of those great souls. 


To bring a sense equality to the human being, he propagated the slogan that we are all the children of one God and He is our father.  And in his view all are equal; no one is of lower or higher class. He has created us and also arranges food for our sustenance.


Guru Nanak Dev always opposed caste system. He preached that human race has only one caste, then why people fight for lower and higher caste. Guru Nanak Dev said, “when you reach the abode of God, He will not ask you your caste, but you will be asked for your deeds. So Instead of caring for any caste & creed, you should only concentrate for the welfare of society”.


Once, Guru Nanak on his way to journey of holy places, reached Baghdad and from there to Makka, the city of  Paigamber Hazrat Mohammad Sahib. There he learned deeply about the Islam from the religious leaders.


One day, sleeping fully tired, he unknowingly moved his feet towards Kaba.  As per their customs, direction of feet towards Kaba, even during the sleep was considered as sin. In the morning when people saw it, they complained to the Kazi.  Kazi came to Guru Nanak and asked him , whether he didn’t know that it is sin to direct your feet towards Kaba. And he will be punished for this act. Guru Nanak requested him to tell him the direction, in which God was not there, so that I may keep his legs in that direction.  Hearing this Kazi became speechless, because God is in all directions.


At that time the ruler of Baghdad was very Cruel, tyrannical & Oppressor of the public. He used to trouble the public a lot and was filling his treasure by looting them. When he came to know about Guru Nanak visit, he came to meet him. After formal talks, Guru Nanak requested him to pawn his 100 pieces of pebbles with him. The ruler said that he has no problem in keeping them with him, but when will He take them back. Guru Nanak said, I will die first and go to heaven and when you die later bring those stones with you and hand me over there. Ruler said, “How can I take these pebbles with me into heaven, after I die”  Guru Nanak said, in the same way you will bring the money collected from people. The king was enlightened and promised never to trouble anybody in future.


Guru Nank Dev started the custom of community Langar, to abolish the upper 7 lower caste system and all sit together and eat there without any disparity.  Everyone, from lower or upper class, rich or poor, sit in a line and take their food called “Parsada ji” . This custom of Langar is being observed in all Gurudwaras till today with full faith and devotion, keeping in view the service & equality to the human kind.


The birthday of Guru Nanak is observed as “Guru purab”.  Guru Nanak Dev says in his words in “Japuji Sahib” that all are equal in the view of God and it becomes possible, when we shed our ego by continuously chanting the name of God.  Guru Nanak Dev served as a bridge between Hindu and Muslim. Guru Nanak Dev was a Mystic saint and a great social reformer.