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Kaalsarp Dosha - The Rahu & Ketu gaffe

Kaalsarp Dosha

The ‘Kaalsarp Dosha’ is the consequence of the special position of the planets in one’s horoscope. It is the situation when all the seven planets reside on the one half of the lagna chart keeping ‘Rahu’ and ‘Ketu’ in the centre. Rahu is said to be the head of the serpent or dragon and Ketu is the tail, further the Rahu has similar traits as of Saturn (Shani) and Ketu act similar to Mars (Mangal) although both of them are shadow planets. It is well known that this Yoga or Dosha is not favorable or destructive in nature. But as per Acharya Vinod “it is bit incorrect conviction/belief that Kaalsarp Dosha is completely unfavorable, although being negative many person got enormous success in their respective lives”. Mainly it is being said that the person suffering from this Dosha in his/her horoscope doesn’t get the benefits of the good deeds done as well as gets the highest level of losses for any wrong/bad deed done by him/her.


The Kaalsarp Dosha are of 12 kinds i.e. Anant Kaalsarp, Kulki Kaalsarp, Vaasuki Kaalsarp, Shankhpal Kaalsarp, Padam Kaalsarp, Mahapadam Kaalsarp, Takshak Kaalsarp, Kakrotak Kaalsarp, Shankhchood Kaalsarp, Ghaatak Kaalsarp, Vishdhar Kaalsarp and SheshNaag Kaalsarp. There are many said remedies of Kaalsarp Dosha, according to Acharya Vinod one has to be very cautious about the remedies that he/she is going in for, as one can only advise about the right remedies after thorough research of the individual’s horoscope (planetary position).


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