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Astrologer Acharya Vinod – a long endless journey to spiritual world   The educational attainment of Acharya Vinod is Graduation in Science and a Consultant in Homeopathic & read more

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Acharya Vinod’s Vision – “To Promote Physical, Mental and Spiritual health in the world, and to help the people, live a long, happy and healthy life”


Acharya Vinod’s Mission – “ To provide absolutely Free Consultations of Astrology, Palmistry, Numerology, Feng-shui, Vaastu, Spiritualism, Health / Home Remedies, Phrenology (Face Reading) and many more ancient Occult Sciences. Anyone can get the answer of their respective queries on Money, Health, Love, Marriage, Job, Education, Home Remedies, Lucky Stone & other aspects of Life and that is Free of Cost (FREE CONSULTATION) without any hidden cost involved simply by sending a query through E-mail (Free Consultation Form) .”


Achraya Vinod started his spiritual journey way back in 1970’s, in the beginning it was all hardship in quest of real knowledge that can benefit human races to improvise their respective lives. This quest took him to the altitudes of the “Great Himalayas” to the sea shores of “Kanya Kumari” and other related places in India high on ancient knowledges/rituals like “Badrinath, Kedarnath, Benaras, Mathura, Varanasi, Haridwar, Rishikesh and Puri etc.” After years of intense study and research on these deep rooted subjects Achraya Vinod landed upon various unique combinations of theories that were equal to miracle. These solutions were not synchronized with the aspects of only one science, but infact these solution were combination of two or more than two sciences. In other words in the consultation, Acharya Vinod endeavors is the 360 degree solution of the problem involving the best Principals & Remedies from all the sciences / subject whether it is Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, Yantra, Tantra, Mantra, Chakras, Lucky Stones and other related subjects. The main creterion shouldn’t be to prove superiority of one science / subject over other, but on the other side the best implementation of the knowledge that one has earned after the intense research of these subjects, every science / subject is unique & effective in its own way. The ideal way for any consultant should be to provide best of all to his client so that he/she can attain maximum  benefit from the consultation, to make it more widespread Acharya Vinod does all these consultation without any cost i.e. absolutely “ FREE CONSULTATION ” thru their websites www.livelongto100years.comwww.omgan.com and www.kalikraft.com …!


In this Yuga or Era of ‘Kal-Yug’, everywhere one finds dishonesty, false claims, deceivefull attitude toward the person in need and above all there is a strong scarcity of real knowledge about these sciences. Most of the Consultant in this field prefers money over client’s satisfaction or problem solving which’s ultimately harmful for the client as well as for the subject / science’s overall growth.


In Acharya Vinod view “No matter… what financial segment he / she belongs to…?, what country he / she belongs to…?, how major his / her problem is…? All person(s) are heart fully welcome to get the consultation without any monetary aspect invovled, with full privacy and individual attention to the problem. Everyone & Anyone can send their queries thru Free Consultation form given in the website(s), although every day Acharya Vinod gets hundreds of queries from all over the world it is not possible to revert each query on the same day but he tries his level best the reply of each query should be delivered in shortest gap possible i.e. next day or within two (2) days. Also there are no limitations of question to be asked on the FREE CONSULTATION section, one can ask as many questions as per his / her preferences.  


One can get Free Advise - Consultation from Acharya Vinod on problems related to Business, Job, Marriage, Love, Health and questions on Astrology, Mantra, Meditation, Spiritual life, Home remedies, Lucky stone, Rudraksha, Numerology , Yantra, Face reading, Feng shui,  Tantra, Yoga, Vaastu, Vashikaran, Pyramid, Devotion, Spirituality, Good Luck, Bad Luck, Palmistry, Black magic etc.

If you are a researcher – you can have Free guidance on various subjects including Astrology, Numerology, Palmistry, Face reading, Vaastu, Feng shui, Rudraksha, Meditation, Spirituality, Devotion, Lucky Stone, Yantra, Tantra, Mantra, Black Magic, pyramid and other spiritual remedies.